Advance Solutions Interview Questions 2020

Advance Solutions Interview Questions

Advance Solutions Interview Experience

Advance Solutions visited our campus in October 2020. The process consisted of 5 rounds overall.

About Advance Solutions aka ASC SOLUTIONS:

Advance Solutions Interview Experience

The company is US BASED:

Global HQ, USA,5460 McGinnis Village Pl. Suite 102, Alpharetta, GA 30005 USA

Advance Solutions provides digital transformation solutions for measurable results. We understand that the true potential of having amassed cross-industry experience lies in proving significant ROI. Transform, streamline and automate operations seamlessly for long term success.


ROUND #1: Round 1 was the basic MCQ test based on Data Structures and Algorithms. It was on Google Form.

ROUND #2: It was a Video CV round ,You would have to record yourself answering some questions. MAX LIMIT 2 MINUTES. The questions were:

  • Your Introduction
  • Education
  • Skills that make you suitable for Advance Solutions
  • Interests
  • What are your strengths?
  • How you are different from others and why we should pick you?

ROUND #3: Group Discussion, they really want to test your communication skills, my topic was “One’s personal data is important or not?”

ROUND #4: TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: There were 3 interviewers(2 technical and 1 HR), they asked questions from HTML syntaxes , CSS, how would you perform a certain operation , what tags you will use. DBMS :basic SQL queries , Associative arrays. JAVA : Objects, Array lists , difference between final finally, etc. Advance JAVA: What is servlet ,servlet lifecycle and few more questions about header files. This round lasted for 35-40 minutes.

After one week , I got an email that I am selected for an final interview with CEO.

ROUND #5: This round completely is based on your attitude. The CEO was a friendly guy, asked me “What I don’t know about you?”, “Where are you from ?”. In this round he just wants to get your perspective of seeing things and will also judge you upon your communication skills. Don’t mess up this round. At the end, he told me that I should hear from their team within a week. (If You get to hear this , its more likely that you will be selected.)

NOTE : This round is also an elimination round , so don’t take it lightly.

MY RESULT: After waiting for a week ,I got the result from my university that I am selected.

That’s all for this experience. BEST OF LUCK?

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