[UPDATED]All Udemy Premium Courses For Free + Direct Downloads Method! ♥


License capacity of Denver Library seems to be finished for now.

  1. For now you can also register via : https://www.aacpl.net . Register the library card in this library and go to this link to get udemy.
  2. You can also register via : This Link . Register the library card in this library and go to this link to get udemy. Enter your library card number and click submit. You will redirect to a page serach “Palm Beach County Library” and select “Palm Beach County Library System -Pbc” and then follow the steps from steps 3.

Steps :

  1. Connect to US IP [You can use any VPN]. For this tutorial I will be using EXPRESS VPN (USA) to connect to US IP.
  2. After connecting to US IP, Open this link in your browser and click on register now button.
  3. If you see screen like “Online Registration unavailable from your current location“. It means your VPN is not working. Change the VPN or try disconnect and reconnecting the VPN.
  4. After clicking in Register now button in Steps 2. Enter the First name, Last name and Date of birth. (Remember the date of birth as it is the password for your Denver Public Library account.)
  5. For “Home Address”, you should use a real Denver address. If you don’t know the real address or don’t know how to get the real Denver address, simply open google and type real Denver address and click on Maps.
  6. Then click on any of the address and copy the address.
  7. Copy that address and enter it into Home Address of Denvar library registration form and click on submit.
  8. Now you have successfully registered in Denver Library. Now you will get your eCard Number. Copy that ecard number and save it somewhere safe. The password for your Denver Library account is your Date of Birth which you put in Step 4.
  9. Now we have library card number we have done half of our work. Now, we are ready to create Udemy Account.

How to Create Udemy Account With Library Card?

Like I said earlier not all library card works for creating udemy account. So far we have found only Denver Library that gets accepted in udemy to get free course. By following the above steps you have successfully created the Denver Library eCard. Now its time to make Udemy Account and enjoy Udemy Courses for free. Follow the steps below to create Udemy account:

1.After Creating the Denver Library eCard open this link and click on “Udemy” to create udemy account.

2.It will ask for library eCard number and password/ pin. Enter the details and click on Submit.

3.It will redirect you to the login page. Click on “Login/ Create Udemy Account” .
Note: You Can only link your Gmail / Microsoft account.
After that select either gmail/ microsoft which you want to link / create Udemy account with.

4.After selecting which method you want to create udemy account either google or microsoft and allowing access.  Click on “I agree the terms and select your date of birth and select “Create my Udemy Account”

5.That’s all you have success fully created the Udemy account Now Search any course you wanted to enroll. And Boom There is not any price in the page. You will just see the “Enroll Now Buttom”. Click on Enroll Now button and enjoy your Udemy Course for free.

That’s all now search the course that you want to take and click in enroll now. This way you get almost all the udemy courses for free. This is legit and simple process. TO login to your Udemy account again Open the links from step 1 and enter your library eCard number and enter pin. Then Click on Login and select your gmail account thats all.

Enjoy ♥


Go to this Github page and download the script.

  1. Extract the script in your computer.
  2. Go to the udemy page and left click on mouse then click on inspect element.
  3. Copy the Udemy Cookies and save it as cookies.txt in the folder where you extract the script downloaded from Github.

Now open Terminal and enter the following command

python udemy-dl.py Course Url -k cookies.txt

Note you have to enroll the course before downloading the course.

Thats all to get paid udemy courses for free and to download the udemy courses to your desktop. Note: You cant login to udemy directly you have to login via library link and all the enrolled courses are available in gale udemy only.

THAT’S ALL FOR NOW Happy Learning?


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