CRYSTARIUM AND EULMORE – Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers includes two new cities

For the last two expansions, the world of Final Fantasy XIV has become larger and more diverse. And once again, with the upcoming expansion, Shadowbringers, it is poised to grow even bigger with more surprises in store. This means that FFXIV is more likely to earn currency! In fact, the Warriors of Light — or, at the moment, Darkness — will overtake Heiden this time. And revealed in the realm beyond a daredevil, there are many places worth getting excited about.

Story Of Eorzeas:

As noted in the introduction, the heroes of Euroza will become warriors of darkness and travel to other worlds, as they are filled with light. This alternative realization occurred when Hydaline drove Zodiar out of the sea. However, by doing so, the reality was so tense that it broke like a mirror. While the original hydaline, also known as the “source”, is unaffected, “reflections” of the self came into existence; More precisely, fourteen other worlds. Square Enix seems to have hit gold learning, as they can use it to create a slew of new spaces and materials that can allow you to keep grinding and make more FFXIV gills in the process.

Going back, Shadowbringer will take players to that shattered First World, so that it is known as The First, to save it from being separated from the source in many ways and at the same time. Here, adventurers will arrive in an area called Norwandt. The mainstay for this area is called the crustarium. Aptly named because it is located near a huge crystal growth, the city, whose beautiful buildings are made of glass, will serve as warriors, far away from home warriors of the house of Light-Light-Darkness Will work as

Recently, the official Final Fantasy XIV YouTube channel uploaded a preview for Eulmore, giving us a preview of the upcoming Endgame Hub. From afar, Eulmore, situated on a cliff, resembles LimsaLominsa. Because it is the exact analogue of this world’s major naval city-state, except that it is nowhere near the sea. In addition, the city has a skyline of ornate domes, which are either golden and have a pinnacle, or balloon-shaped, and a combination of blue and purple. In addition, the city walls and towers are draped in purple and red flags, with ornate golden designs.

Last but certainly the least and undeniably noticeable thing will be the difference in living conditions inside and outside the city. At the foot of the cliff are puddles filled with plywood-built houses, while the inside, which is clearly inhabited by wealthy people, has a grand neoclassical aesthetic.

Rich-Poor, Light-Darkness:

CRYSTARIUM AND EULMORE -  Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers includes two new cities

Also in relation to the events of the story, affluent citizens are well aware of the imminent end of the world. However, instead of being prepared for this holocaust, he has chosen the last of his days to live a life completely uninhabited. For the poor, many of them want to be part of the privileged class of Eulmore. Unfortunately, most of them are not successful.

So far, players have not yet been told if there will be some search lines – or even the main story – that will touch on the social issue of class division. However, it is highly likely that there will be at least one. And if not there, the creative team in charge of the game is brilliant when it comes to telling stories outside the search lines.

This is a whole new world, or rather, for Hydaline, the world, and the warriors of darkness, are now stunned. Will there be more to come? Hopefully! But for now, just appreciate the cities first and its right.

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