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Android phones are not traditionally known for their great cameras. That all changed with the launch of the Google Pixel series. Now, everyone is trying to match the same level of quality. It turns out, a lot of Pixel Magic has to do with the Google Camera application. Users are working on porting this camera to other devices. This list is an attempt to list the ports that work best.


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1Arnova8G2 v8Camera2 API enabler
Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V8.1
Asus ZenFone 5ZMGC_6.1.021_XCAMBase_F1_v3
Asus ZenFone 6UNI_CAM_v1.2a_Q.apk (Android 10)UNI_CAM_v1.2a_P.apk (Android 9)
Asus ROG Phone IIUNI_CAM_v1.2a_Q.apk (Android 10)UNI_CAM_v1.2a_P.apk (Android 9)


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
Essential Phone PH-1Google Camera TlnNeun build


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
Google Pixel/Pixel XLGoogle Camera 7.2 with Astro Mode, Super Res Zoom
Google Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XLGoogle Camera 7.2 with Astro Mode, Super Res Zoom
Google Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XLGoogle Camera 7.2 with Astro Mode, Super Res Zoom
Google Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XLGoogle Camera 7.2 with Astro Mode, Super Res Zoom
Google Pixel 3a/Pixel 3a XLGoogle Camera 7.2 with Astro Mode, Super Res Zoom
Google Pixel 4/Pixel 4 XLGoogle Camera 7.2 with Astro Mode, Super Res Zoom


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
HTC 10skulshady_gcam_5.1.018_Mod_v3.0Magisk Google Camera Port
HTC U11ArnovaG82 v5ARCore with Magisk Module
HTC U UltraGCam_5.1.018_by_SerJo87
HTC U12+MGC_6.1.021_MI8_V2


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
LeEco Le Max 2GCMod5 based on B-S-G
LeEco Le Pro3Arnova8G2 v6


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
Lenovo K6Arnova8G2 v6
Lenovo P2GCam5.1.018_SerJo87_1.6RC2_test4d
Lenovo ZUK Z2 ProGCam-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V2
Lenovo ZUK Z2 PlusGCMod5 based on Mod By B-S-G


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
LG G4MGCamera_5.1.0.18_R4X_v.5.1.7
LG G5cstark27 v4.2
LG G6cstark27 v4.2
LG G7 ThinQStandardWide Angle
LG G8 ThinQUrnyx05 GCam
LG V20cstark27 v4.2
LG V30cstark27 v4.2
LG V40 ThinQStandardWide Angle


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
Moto G5 PlusGCMod5 based on Mod By B-S-G
Moto G5SGoogle Camera port with HDR+
Moto G5S PlusGoogle Camera port with HDR+
Moto X4Scrubber Google Camera 5.1.018
Motorola OneGoogleCamera_6.1.009.215420794-beta2
Motorola One PowerAR Emojis and Night Sight
Moto Z2 PlayGoogle Camera 5.2.025 (HDR+, Portrait)
Moto G7GCam with portrait, night sight, video, Pano
Moto G7 PlusGCam with working portrait and night sight
Moto G7 PowerGoogle Camera XT1955-4
Moto Zgcam_pixel3mod_1.1_build.6.1.021
Moto Z3 PlayMGC_6.1.009_MI8_V1a


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
Nokia 8.1MGC_6.1.021_F1_V1.7
Nokia 8GCam-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V8
Nokia 7 PlusGCam_6.1.021_N7P
Nokia 7.2GCam_BSG_7.2
Nokia 6scrubber_GCam_5.1.018_25
Nokia 5scrubber_GCam_5.1.018_25


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
OnePlus 7 /
OnePlus 7T /
OnePlus 7 Pro/
OnePlus 7T Pro
For Android 9 and Android 10:Urnyx’s v2.3 for GCam 7.2.010XML Config file: nameless v6For Ultrawide and Telephoto Lens: Flash Magisk Module for AUX
OnePlus 6/6TGCam_6.1.013_stable_OP6 (with Night Sight)
OnePlus 5/5TGCam-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V8.1HEVC+SloMo GCam Magisk Module
OnePlus 3/3T6.2.030_TlnNeun_v.0.6b (Android 9+)


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
Razer PhoneBSG v1.3.1 or TlnNeun v1.0.0 
Razer Phone 2MGC_6.1.021_RazerPhone2_V1cMGC_6.1.021_RazerPhone2_V2a


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
Samsung Galaxy Note 10/+Snapdragon: Google Camera 6.2.030 with working HDR+
Samsung Galaxy S10/+/eSnapdragon: Google Camera with aperture switching & night sight
Samsung Galaxy Note 9Snapdragon: GS9_GC_5.1.018_50frames_v1Exynos: GC_5.1.018_IDan1109
Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+Exynos: GC_5.1.018_IDan1109Snapdragon: GS9_GC_5.1.018_50frames_v1
Samsung Galaxy S8Exynos: GCam_5.1.018 8.3bSnapdragon: Castark v3.6
Samsung Galaxy Note 8Exynos: Google Camera v8.3b Mod with HDR+Snapdragon: Castark v3.6
Samsung Galaxy S7Exynos: GCam_5.1.018_SG7Exy_V7Android 7.0: B-S-G’s Modded Google Camera 5.0.009 with HDR+Edge: GCam_5.1.018_SG7Exy_V6
Samsung Galaxy A70Arnova8G2 mod
Galaxy phones running Android 10, 9, or 8
(Exynos & Snapdragon)


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
Xiaomi Mi 9(MIUI 10) PMGC_7.0.009_ConfigsVersion_V3
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (Poco F1)Modded Gcam with HDR+, Night Sight
Xiaomi Mi A1GCam5.1.018-Arnova8G2-V1.4Google Camera with telephoto lens Magisk ModuleARCore Magisk ModuleAR Stickers without root
Xiaomi Mi A2DMGC_6.2.030_ver.1.6-PE
Xiaomi Mi 5GCam_5.3.015-Pixel3Mod-Arnova8G2-v4Beta1
Xiaomi Mi 5SGCam5.1.018-Arnova8G2-V1.5Beta2ARCore Magisk Module
Xiaomi Mi 6GCam discussion threadAnother GCam discussion thread
Xiaomi Mi 8B-S-G Google Camera Port (with Night Sight)
Xiaomi Mi 8 LitePMGC_7.0.009_ConfigsVersion_V3
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2SGCam-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V7beta-test-9
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2GCam Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V8.1
Xiaomi Mi MixGCam5.1.018-Arnova8G2-V1.5Beta2
Xiaomi Mi Note 3GCam5.1.018-Arnova8G2-V1.7Beta2
Xiaomi Redmi 3SGoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V2
Xiaomi Redmi 4XGCam5.1.018-Arnova8G2-V1.4
Xiaomi Redmi 4 PrimePMGC_7.0.009_ConfigsVersion_V3
Xiaomi Redmi 5AGoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V8
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / 5 PlusPMGC_7.0.009_ConfigsVersion_V3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 ProPMGC_7.0.009_ConfigsVersion_V3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4PMGC_7.0.009_ConfigsVersion_V3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3GCam5.1.018-Arnova8G2-V1.5Beta2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2WORKING Google Camera! [All ROMs]
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7/Note 7 ProPMGC_7.0.009_ConfigsVersion_V3
Xiaomi Redmi K20 ProGoogle Camera by Urnyx05
Xiaomi Mi Max 3MGC_5.3.015_4
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3Gcam 6 with manual focus and long exposure
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 ProMGC_6.1.021_Rn8ProEdition_1.0_Wyroczen_STABLEConfig: wyroczen_rn8pro_3.xml


PhoneGoogle Camera Port
Axon 7GCam-5.1.018-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2

Source : XDA DEVS

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