Google Duo is preparing to allow you to access your contacts by email address

Google Duo APK test from late last month revealed that the company had been working to bring the functionality of the group’s audio and audio links to the app. Once released, the feature will allow users to share invitations for their group calls and allow other users to join the call with one tap. In an effort to make interacting with other users on the platform more convenient, Google is now working to add a converter to the app that will allow users to access their contacts using their email addres

In the meantime, when you sign up for the Google Duo, you’ll need to use your phone number, unless you sign in on the web. After signing up for Duo on mobile, you can connect your Google account to be able to use the service on all different devices and allow people with access to your phone number or Google account to see that you are using Duo. However, this will change as soon as Google prepares to add flexibility to the Duo Account Settings that will allow people to sign in to you using your email address only.

This new change to the Google Duo was recently spotted by app retargeting developer Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), who co-hosted a screenshot of changing the app’s Account settings. As you expect, with ‘Re-accessible by email address’ to be turned on enabled, users will not know your phone number to call you in the app. While the addition of this modification does not indicate that the Duo is preparing to add support for email accounts only on mobile (that is, it allows you to sign up for a service without providing your phone number), go in that direction.

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