India might ban PUBG Mobile as part of Chinese app ban

India is investigating 275 Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile for possible privacy and security breaches.

AliExpress, Resso, and other well-known apps are also on the list.

This will come after the ban on TikTok and other apps in June.

India may extend its hold on Tikkok and other Chinese-origin apps to include PUBG Mobile and similar high-profile titles.

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India might ban PUBG Mobile as part of Chinese app ban

Economic Times sources claim that the country has written a list of 275 Chinese apps it will study for possible national security and privacy issues, including PUBG Mobile (supported by Chinese tech giant Tencent) and Alibaba’s shopping app AliExpress Huh. TickTalk’s owners are under further investigation by ByteDance, such as Reso and YuLike, while Xiaomi’s 14 out of 14 apps Mi appear to be close. Chinese-invested companies such as Clash of Cleans developer Supercell are also under investigation.

It is not certain how likely these restrictions may be. The Indian government may impose a ban on “, few, or none” out of 275. The government is said to be developing a formal process for these restrictions, including a law or regulation that would require constant monitoring of these apps.

A spokesman for the Union Home Ministry did not respond to ET’s request for comment, though an official from the electronics and IT ministry said it was “involved in the process” for any possible restrictions.

India banned the initial wave of apps after skirmishes on the Chinese border.

If PUBG was a mobile ban, it could be a serious setback for developer PUBG Corporation. 175 million installs – India is the largest market for battle royale hits, according to Censor Tower, with 24% of the game’s total download count. While this will not be the end for PUBG Mobile, it will significantly reduce viewership for the title facing stiff competition from Fortnite and other popular phone-friendly shooters.

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