Is Xiaomi is the next Huawei?

Is Xiaomi is the next Huawei? 2

Yes, It would not be wrong to say that Xiaomi is the next Huawei and you will also not deny with that after reading this blog.

Xiaomi passes Huawei to become third biggest smartphone maker in February. Xiaomi managed to sneak into third place of the top smartphone makers in February 2020, beating Huawei for the first time ever. Huawei relinquished its third place after shipping just 5.5 million smartphones to Xiaomi’s 6 million.

All the Chinese and South Korean phones are simply copies of each other, with a slightly different focus on one feature over another, but not in any real or significant way.

Huawei is losing ground outside of China because its phones lack Google apps and services, while companies like Xiaomi are pushing competitively-priced smartphones under its multiple brand names. The US trade ban against Huawei has pumped the brakes on the Chinese manufacturer’s global ambitions, as it’s forced to do without Google services. While this isn’t a problem in its home market of China, where Google services aren’t used, it’s a massive obstacle for its global markets. Meanwhile the COVID-19 outbreak basically destroyed the Chinese market in February. However China is already recovering, while western markets are yet to feel the full effect.

Even in Europe On the box of the European version of the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro there is an inscription “with easy access to the Google apps you use most”, which means that the smartphone provides easy access to the most frequently used Google applications. This is seen as a direct marketing strategy, to take advantage of Huawei’s position and Xiaomi is the first to troll Huawei on the missing Google services and applications in their new flagships.

Xiaomi has already proven itself to be a top player in several markets in terms of market share. For one, the company has been number one in India for a while now. But the US trade ban against Huawei has opened the door for other Android brands, and it looks like Xiaomi has been the biggest beneficiary.

Huawei has been involved in a lot of controversy, which is enough to show that they cannot be trusted-

  1. Huawei’s chief financial officer, Wanzhou Meng, was arrested in Canada and is being extradited to the US over charges of (Huawei) illegally doing business with Iran.
  2. Huawei called for all employees to boycott American products, which has led to other Chinese companies also boycotting American products
  3. Allegations are now being made that Huawei and ZTE have been installing backdoors into all their telecom gear, to allow the Chinese government to spy on all communications going through that gear
  4. In 2012, a House Intelligence Committee report gave evidence that Huawei & ZTE, are a threat to United States and issued a ban against buying Huawei equipment.
  5. In February 2018 , the heads of the FBI, CIA and NSA all stated that Huawei and ZTE phones posed a risk in addition to telecommunications gear (i.e. that they had backdoors installed in all their phone products so the Chinese government could spy on anyone).

So with all that controversy, could Huawei be better than xiomi? By the definition, the answer would be no.

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