Jio Launches JioPOS Lite App Allows Regular Registrars to Update Other Users and Lead Commissions

Reliance Jio’s JioPOS Lite app is offering 4.16 percent commission on Jio Partners by updating recharge for some of the numbers.


  • The JioPOS Lite app is available on the Google Play Store
  • The app has a passbook feature to allow for viewing earnings
  • The app has a passbook feature that allows for viewing of available cash
Jio Launches JioPOS Lite App Allows Regular Registrars to Update Other Users and Lead Commissions 2

Jio has launched a new JioPOS Lite community renewal program in India. This app is available in the Play Store and allows anyone to become a Jio Partner and make prepaid payments to other Jio subscribers and earn money. The registration process for this application is very simple, and does not require manual hardcopy, nor does it require any physical verification. After becoming a Jio Partner with this JioPOS Lite app, any user can also pay other Jio customer accounts and receive a commission. While you may not be able to re-enter prepaid Jio accounts for some people who use the MyJio app or the Jio website but Jio does not give you a commission on those charges.

The JioPOS Lite app provides 4.16 percent commissions to Jio Partners for renewing some numbers. It has a passbook feature that allows Jio Partner to identify leads and evaluate their transactions over the past 20 days. Once you install the application and give it the necessary permissions, JioPOS Lite will ask you to register and become a Jio Partner. You must have a Jio number to qualify for a Jio partner. After the signup process is done, the app will ask you to deposit money into your wallet. The programs offered are Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000, and Rs. 2000. For every Rs. 100 spent per app, the agent gets Rs. 4.166 i.e. 416 percent of the total expansion.

The app features prepaid billing plans on Jio Partner by helping him refresh the most relevant plans for their friends, family, and customers. There is also an FAQ section that informs users of all available funds. The app was first spotted by a user named DJ Roy on DreamDTH forums.

The JioPOS Lite app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. No iOS version right now !!! 🙁

This comes shortly after Airtel released its ‘Get Home’ program. It allows users to become a Superhero through the Airtel app, and earn 4% of their total revenue generated from the Airtel app. There is an announcement within the Airtel app to inform users of the new ‘Get Home’ program. Clicking on it and registering as a Superhero will allow users to start earning 4 percent off all rebuilds. So, if the recharge is made at Rs. 149, an Airtel Superhero member will have to pay only Rs. 143 went to Airtel, while collecting total customer value. The difference is the money earned per purchase.

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