Scared of My feelings ? What should you do?

Hi , we are glad you’re reading this article, before proceeding further we want you to let you know that this article touches a sensitive topic.

It is an irony of our mind that we do not fully accept, understand or even truly feel every emotion. There are emotions that exist in us in an ‘unprocessed’ form. For example, a great many anxieties can remain fragmented and disinterested, and may manifest themselves as powerful directionless worries.

Stop feeling scared of your feelings.

Under their control, we may feel the need to stay busy, afraid to spend any time on ourselves or stick to activities that ensure that what we don’t get is what scares us in the head (These may include internet pornography, tracking news or essentially exercising.)

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A similar type of disdain may occur around the injury. Maybe someone has misused our trust, doubted their kindness to us, or violated our self-esteem, but we are motivated to flee the apparent recognition of a frightening degree of risk and vulnerability.

The hurt is somewhere inside, but on the surface, we adopt a brittle joy (sadness that doesn’t know itself),

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We numb ourselves chemically , or adopt a carefully non-specific tone of cynicism. Which removes the specific wounds inflicted on us. We pay our money to fail in the process of ‘feelings’.

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Our brains develop with a background apprehension as to their content. We get depressed about everything because we cannot be sad about anything. We can no longer sleep, insomnia is the revenge of all the thoughts we have left to process in the day.

We need compassion for ourselves.

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We avoid processing emotions because what we feel is contrary to our self-image, therefore a threat to our society’s views of normality and therefore to the people we want to be with.

An environment conducive to processing would be one in which the difficulties of being human were warmly recognized and acknowledged. We fail to know ourselves out of laziness or accidental neglect; It just hurts a lot.

Processing emotions requires good friends, ritual moments such as philosophical therapists and philosophical meditation, in which our common defense can be safely and the ring of unfamiliar material set aside for investigation.

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The result of processing our emotions always improves our overall mood. But first we have to pay for our self-awareness with a period of mourning in which we gradually accept that, in some area or other, life is simply a lot more tragic than we would like it to be.

Take care of yourself ?.

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