Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020]

It starts at the keyboard,
and it ends at the far corners of the universe.


Here we present you the Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 in 2020.

1.Reargear MK881 INVADOR [GAMING]

Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020] 1Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020] 2

This mechanical keyboard comes in the form of the iconic Chinese brand Readygear which is famous for the best hardware under the best price, a full-size keyboard that comes with Kailash Blue Switch, Lightning Effects and Windows Lock Key. This keyboard also supports the anti-ghosting feature which means every key press can register simultaneously and accurately during gaming.

Brand: Redgear

Model: MK881

Model Name: Invader

Item Weight: 862 grams

Product Dimension: 13.8 x 44.2 x 3.9

Pros: –

Kailh Blue Switch (Clicky and Touch)
RGB Lightning Effect
Long braided cable
Great build quality (aluminum frame with high quality plastic key-caps)

Cons: –

No rest pad
You cannot customize the lightning effect (they are fixed)
This keyboard is currently priced at INR 2899 on Amazon, if you need the best build quality and clicking experience then this is the best option for you.

Best Buy Link for Readgear MK881 INVADOR: CLICK HERE


Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020] 3Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020] 4

It is the most popular mechanical keyboard in India, you can find this keyboard in government offices, Indian Railways, Post Offices and many other private offices. If you do not want to support Chinese products this is a perfect choice.

It is also a full-size keyboard with laser itchy characters on the main caps for long-lasting readability. It is equipped with a long-lasting mechanical switch with a rupee symbol key.

Brand: TV

Art paint

Item weight: 1.27 kg

Package Dimension: 50.2 x 21.8 x 4.6

Pros: –

High Quality Blue Switch (Made in Germany)
Good build quality
Standard Indian keyboard layout (with RS symbol)
Laser itcade printing on key caps
Very tactile response

Cannes: –

Very heavy and heavy
No rgb lighting
Clicks are making a lot of noise
This TVS Gold will cost you around 2600 INR on Amazon or you can easily buy the used version of this keyboard for around 1000INR.

Best Buy Link for TVS Gold India: CLICK HERE

3.Comic Bite CB-GK-12 [GAMING]

Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020] 5Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020] 6

It is the most affordable mechanical keyboard in India with good quality blue switches and rainbow backlit feature, this keyboard comes with an aluminum body with Gixian blue switches and chrome bozzles for superb durability.

This keyboard comes with 3 lightning effects with 3 levels of speed adjustment and 4 levels of brightness adjustment.

Brand: Cosmic Bite

Model: CB-GK-12 Neon

Item Weight: 898g

Product Dimension: 45 x 13.5 x 3 cm

Pros: –

JIXIAN Blue Switch for Touch Key
Full anti-ghosting and window lock key
Long cable with gold usb connector
10 electrical effects
Very good build quality (thin aluminum body with high quality plastic caps)
Low Price

Cons: –

No braided cable
quite heavy
No rest pad
This mechanical keyboard will cost you INR 1999 on Amazon, keep checking the price for the best discount as it is sometimes priced at INR 1799 on Amazon.

Best Buy Link for Cosmic Bite CB-GK-12.

4.Ant Export MK3400W [GAMING]

Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020] 7Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020] 8

It is a full-size keyboard with great build quality and ergonomic design for long gaming and typing sessions, it comes with high quality blue switches for a touch and clicking typing experience. The cakes are backlit with various lighting modes and brightness adjustments.

Brand: Ant Esports

Model: MK3400W

Item Weight: 1.19 Kg

Package Dimension: 50 x 23 x 6.2 cm

Pros: –

High quality blue switch
Ergonomic design with palm resting pad for a comfortable typing experience
Customized lighting effect
Great compatibility with gold plated USB cable
26 Anti-Ghosting Keys for Interpression Free Gaming


On the heels
The font on the keys is not very clear
Pure Plastic Build
This keyboard will cost you 2300 INR on Amazon. If you need a more compact version of this keyboard, you can go for the Ant Esports MK1000, which is almost identical to this keyboard, but without the additional Sunnah.

Best Buy Link for Ant Esports MK 1000.

Best Buy Link for Ant Esports MK3400W.

5.Redgear Chameleon

Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020] 9Top BEST 5 Mechanical Keyboard in India under ₹3000 [2020] 10

This is another offering from the well-known Chinese brand Readygear under the 3K budget segment, it comes with the Calleh Blue mechanical switch with changeable top cover to avoid dust and water leaks. It comes with ergonomic design for gamers and programmers as well as RGB LED modes to customize the look. .

Brand: Redgear

Color: Black, Red, White

Item Weight: 1.4 Kg

Package Dimension: 46.2 x 16.8 x 5.2 cm

Pros: –

KAILH Blue Switch for tactile typing experience
Very good build quality (strong and durable design)
Removable Top Cover with Gold Plated USB
Anti-ghosting key for enhanced gaming experience
Good quality cable with compact design

Cannes: –

Fixed lighting effect
Lack key stability
No rest pad and slightly heavy
This keyboard costs you around 2400 INR on Amazon and sometimes cheaper during the sale.


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