Why Nokia is unable to make a comeback?2020

Why Nokia is unable to make a comeback?2020 2

Why Nokia is not able to make a comeback? A phone brand that was loved by everyone and whom we can consider the father of mobile phones at least in India is not even considered in the bucket list of any buyer. What has hit the company which almost made them extinct in the Indian market and as well as in other places?

Its been 5-6 years since Nokia has launched its partnership mobile phone with windows which were to an extent accepted by the market. But after Lumia, Nokia has not been able to fulfill the needs of its customers. Well, Lumia also failed in the long run. It’s because they lack applications in Lumia. There were not many applications in Lumia as it was windows supported. Somewhere it was also unable to attract developers towards this new change.

In between, it might have launched a number of phones, but they were too not able to rock the market as they were despite after soo much long time have lacked in many aspects and were unable to keep up with the demands of its customers. Moreover, it was unable to showcase varieties in its models as compared to smartphone giants like Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme.

These days the technology trend has reached such a height that companies don’t care what their customers need they are more busy competing with other companies.

Any brand which is able to provide more in less is considered best inhere. And this is also the reason that Nokia is not able to perform in the market. Brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo they make changes in their smartphones very swiftly. Almost every 2-3 months they launch a new phone. But Nokia was unable to maintain a development consistency in its smartphones.

So for those who are thinking how Nokia is still surviving you must know that Nokia is not only a mobile device company and the new corporate entity in possession of the NOKIA brand, HMD Global, is not exactly NOKIA. It is one of the top 3 telecom vendors in the world with Ericsson and Huawei being the other two. In the telecoms field, Nokia did make a comeback by acquiring Alcatel Lucent, thus creating one of the fullest and strongest portfolios in this sector. Nokia has also acquired Withings and other smaller companies in order to enter the e-health sector. A few years back through HMD it got back to mobile device business with relatively good success as far as the sales go.

All the above sectors were in trouble around 5 years ago, so we could say that Nokia as a whole did make a comeback but when it comes to smartphones Nokia still needs to improve its technology in order to leave a mark on the smartphone market and its customers.

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