Why TikTok banned in India: ByteDance could lose ₹45k crore

The Indian government’s decision to ban 59 Chinese apps is not only making headlines in India and the world, but has been largely covered by the Chinese media.

Up to $ 6 billion (₹ 45k crore), the parent company of Tickcock and Halo Apps, to curb concerns about privacy and concerns by the Indian government – according to a report published by China’s state-run media The Global Times, Bytdance May be lost. National security of the country.

The report further states that according to data from mobile app analytics company Sensor Tour, TeakTalk was downloaded 112 million times in May and people downloading the app in India have seen very high numbers and even double Downloaded in the USA.

The Indian government on Monday banned 59 apps with links to China including Tikkok, SHAREit, UC Browser, Baidu Map, Halo, Mi Community, Club Factory, WeChat and UC News, in view of the available information that they indulge in activities Were “which are pre-eminent” sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, protection of state and public order “.

The Global Times said the move has dealt a deep blow to the confidence of Chinese investors and traders.

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“What the Government of India and the people have done has given a serious blow to the confidence of Chinese investors and traders and the Indian economy can remain subdued for a long time under a devastating setback from the coronovirus outbreak,” it said.

Law, Electronics and Information Technology Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the government has banned the app for India’s security, security, defense, sovereignty and integrity.

“The government has banned 59 mobile apps for the safety, security, defense, sovereignty and integrity of India and to protect the data and privacy of the people of India. Jai Hind!” He said in a tweet.

Anti-China sentiment has erupted in India after Chinese troops unilaterally attempted to change the status quo after a particularly violent face-to-face battle over the LAC in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh on 15–16 June. Twenty soldiers were killed in a face-to-face attack and the Indian sides revealed that the Chinese side killed 43 people, including those killed and seriously injured.

India’s government has banned TikTok and dozens more Chinese-made apps it says are a danger to the country.

In a statement, it said the apps were “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order”.

In total, 59 apps were banned – among them popular messaging app WeChat. It follows escalating tensions along the disputed border between the two powers.

Both India and China deployed more troops to the Ladakh region in June.

Clashes have left at least 20 Indian troops dead. Satellite images also appear to show that China has built new structures overlooking the Himalayan border region.

India’s Ministry of Information Technology said it was banning the 59 Chinese apps after receiving “many complaints from various sources” about apps that were “stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users’ data in an unauthorised manner”.

“The compilation of these data, its mining and profiling by elements hostile to national security and defence of India, which ultimately impinges upon the sovereignty and integrity of India, is a matter of very deep and immediate concern which requires emergency measures,” the ministry said.

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